Local SEO

The major search engines aim to provide users with the most relevant results for their search query.  As a business, it’s vital to get your business in front of your target customer at the right time.

Your business may have a limited service area so tailoring your online local seo campaign to your target market may present unique challenges.  When done in a systematic and thoughtful way you can achieve your marketing objectives while maximising your return on investment.

You may offer many different products or indeed provide a large range of different services.  All of this needs to be reflected in how you manage you local seo campaign.

The initial stage of working with a local business is working out which keywords are relevant to them.  Make the wrong choices at this stage and you’re campaign is doomed to sub-optimal results.  A company providing valuable local seo advice will take the time to understand your business and how best to help you achieve your online marketing goals.

Another vital component of your online marketing programme is link building.  A range of relevant, quality links helps search engines to understand you’re your business is about.  Search engines in part rely on these link based citations about your business to help provide users with relevant results. Whoever you choose for your local seo, just remember that quality link building provides long term value to your business.  While it’s tempting to choose a low cost provider, don’t for one moment believe that all links are equal.  Never forget that price is what you pay and value is what you get.

The range of businesses that local seo is relevant for is too extensive to list.  From dry cleaners to plumbers, chimney sweeps to picture framers.   These are all products and services that users will often start searching for online.

If you consider how many services you use yourself, that by their very nature need to be local, it’s clear what a wonderful opportunity local seo can provide to your business.

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